About Us

How RXPS Began

jefferires.jpgErnest 'Jeff' Jefferies started RXPS to fuel his passion for helping others. For the last 15 years, he has served his community as a local law enforcement Sergeant. He entered that profession with the belief that the measure of a man's life is based on the difference he can make in the lives of others. This profession has afforded him countless opportunities to accomplish this goal. The job, however, has also taken its toll on him.

Several years ago, Jeff found himself 40 pounds overweight and on high blood pressure medication. He was miserable, had lost his drive and wanted to be healthier for his profession, his family, but most importantly, for himself. Fast forward four years ago and insert a Crossfit Groupon from his wife... the story of RXPS begins.

From the first day, Jeff fell in love with CrossFit. Although filled with doubt about his age, and numerous injuries, there was something that kept bringing him back. The coaches at CFC continued to drive and push him to the end of his limits. Soon, with his commitment, and intense effort, something began to happen. His pants loosened and the workouts became more and more doable. The workouts not only helped him mentally and physically, but also while performing his job. He took his passion another step further and took his Level 1. He is now certified as an L1, USAW Coach, one of the co-owners of Crossfit Chesapeake, as well as the sole proprietor of RXProShop.